- It has been a pleasure to know Meg and so rewarding to be coached by her. She is a warm, welcoming soul with a gift of getting to the heart of the matter. During a time when I felt buried under the weight of significant challenges in my family life Meg helped me discern what I could control and what I had to let go of or go crazy. With Meg's steady support and encouragement I regained an appreciation for myself, my unique gifts and my ability to create a life with joy. I cannot recommend her enough! Mary C.

- Working with Meg was a bright light in my life!  Meg is smart, intuitive,  a strong listener and solution focused.  Her approach made me feel at ease immediately.  As we progressed through our sessions Meg was able to help me gain clarity and focus.  She gave me an effective strategy, in my case, to ignore the “background noise”,  to give up my excuses and to take an honest assessment of where I needed to stay accountable.  It was empowering and enlightening and has had a very positive impact on my life. Ro C.

- With Meg Fox as your coach, you're enlisting in the help of a deeply caring partner who is completely invested in your success.  Meg possesses a laser-focused intuition that guides her to ask just the right questions to help you move past barriers to success.  Meg helped me move forward in ways that I wasn't expecting, enabling me to see new approaches to solve old, nagging problems.  Ultimately I achieved higher levels of effectiveness than I thought were possible.  Lisa M.

- I went to Meg for some coaching on some of my existing issues around  how to keep a balance between my personal and working life.  As a new business owner, I found myself having trouble taking downtime and not working on my business 24/7.  Meg had many practical and thoughtful ideas  on helping me manage my time.  She quickly tuned into what I was and wasn't  comfortable doing and made very practical and "doable" suggestions on how I could manage around work/personal time.  Meg is compassionate and intuitive and most of all, helped me arrive at what solutions would work best for me.  I think that is  one of the best attributes Meg brings to her coaching...Helping a client come to solutions that would work best for him/her.  I would suggest Meg's assistance she is truly a great coach especially during times of transition.  She really helped me! Kathy K.